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Children’s Vision
Most children have excellent sight. However, if there is a sight problem, the earlier it is picked up the better the outcome. If you are concerned about your child’s eyes or if there is a family history of eye problems do not wait until the school screening at age 5yrs. Bring your child for an eye examination with us. It is free under the NHS for all children under 16.

Even if your child cannot read or talk we can still examine their eyes.


Babies Vision

Babies can see when they’re born but their eyes don’t always focus accurately. Sometimes they may look like they have a squint. This is where the eyes do not line up with each other: either one eye is turning in towards the baby’s nose which could be a convergent squint or one eye is drifting out to the side which could be a divergent squint. If you suspect there is a squint it best to bring your baby for investigation. Sometimes a flat bridge to the baby’s nose gives the impression a squint is present when in fact there is no squint present.

Babies colour vision develops by age three months.

The baby’s eyes gradually develop and love to look at colourful things and of course, your face!
An easy test to do at home when a baby is over six weeks old is to cover each eye in turn, one eye at a time. If they strongly object to one eye being covered, but don’t mind the other being covered it could indicate that one eye is lazy. This is known as amblyopia. The earlier a lazy eye or squint is detected the better the outcome.

Preschool Vision
Don’t expect your child to tell you if there is a vision problem. Children assume that the way they see is normal – they will never have known anything different. We test children very successfully at this age using pictures they should easily recognise.

Eye tests at C Murray Opticians, Belfast are fun and interesting experiences for children as Carmel has a wealth of experience examining children’s eyes.

School Age Vision
At age 4-5 years, vision screening should happen in school. But it is a basic screening and will not necessarily pick up every child who may have vision problems. The comprehensive eye test which we provide at C Murray Opticians, Belfast BT15 will reassure you that your child is seeing as well as possible for this important time in school.

Longsighted children can see well in the distance but can have difficulty with prolonged close work.

Shortsighted children see well close up but can have difficulty seeing the interactive board or seeing things in the distance.


Astigmatism is a term we use to describe a type of optical distortion. Some children can have astigmatism in addition to being long or short–sighted. Correcting these focussing difficulties will make school and everyday activities much easier for your child.


We stock a wide selection of colourful, trendy frames for children. We have some free frames and our children’s frames vary in price up to £35. When we are selecting a frame for your child, time is taken to find the frame that your child loves and that is also a good comfortable fit. We always ensure the frame is fitted well before your child starts wearing the glasses. We encourage parents to call in from time to time with their child to let us check the frame continues to fit well and we can easily make minor adjustments or repairs to ensure this.


Contact Lenses for Children


Contact lenses are suitable for children of all ages. Here at C Murray Opticians, Belfast BT15, we start fitting contact lenses from about ten years old. Contact lenses are comfortable and easy to use. Daily disposable lenses are ideal for children as they do not require cleaning and therefore hygiene is not an issue.

Contact lenses offer a significant improvement in quality of life for children. The main advantages of contact lenses for children include:

  • Better vision for sports and activities where children often remove their glasses for fear of breakage. Contact lenses will not slip down your nose or fog up if it’s raining meaning they are ideal to wear if children are active and outdoors a lot.
  • Improved appearance and social acceptance
  • Greater self confidence and self esteem – most important in the teenage years
  • Avoid frequent breakage of glasses
  • Easily updated when eyesight is changing frequently
  • Added UV protection with some contact lens brands










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Carmel is one of the first Independent Prescriber Optometrists in Northern Ireland. As a patient, you can be assessed and managed and where appropriate eye medications can be prescribed at the practice without referring you to your GP for a prescription. This is really beneficial to patients as it means C Murray Optician, North Belfast is your one stop shop for you and your family’s eye care.

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