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While it makes reading menus and texting particularly tricky, even more so if you are unlucky enough to have forgotten your reading glasses, presbyopia affects everyone eventually, and it cannot be prevented.
Presbyopia is caused by the ageing process. When we are younger, the lens of the eye is flexible and changes its shape in order to focus up close – this process is called “accommodation.”  As we age, the lens becomes progressively more rigid and loses its ability to accommodate. Trauma, occupation, and lifestyle may be factors for some people, but presbyopia is a natural part of the ageing process and will eventually happen to everyone.

The solution is generally to wear glasses for reading or to consider bifocal or varifocal lenses. Bifocal glasses have two separate areas of the lens which are divided by a line: the top part of the lens focuses light from distant objects and the bottom part of the lens focuses light from near objects. Varifocal lenses work in a similar way to bifocal lenses, but they have no line as the lens gradually changes its focus from top to bottom. At C Murray Optician, 13 Antrim Road, Belfast BT15, we regularly examine patients with presbyopia. Principal Optometrist, Carmel Murray agrees ‘We offer a range of different lenses to meet the individual needs of all our patients experiencing difficulty with close work.’

Carmel says “We use a wide range of advanced varifocal lenses from HOYA, a leader in lens design. They are simply brilliant at producing high quality varifocal lenses that incorporate the latest technological advances”

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