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Choosing Frames

At C Murray Optician, Belfast we’re here to make you look great.

Getting the right look with the massive range of styles available nowadays is no mean feat. That’s why picking your frames with Murray Opticians is the way to go. Carmel takes time to understand what styles you like, advises on the best fit for you and makes sure it suits your budget. On collection we fit your glasses so they are comfortable and look great on you.

Further down the line, we provide continued aftercare should you require it.

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Advice on buying glasses

What shape of frame suits my face?

First of all you need to work out your face shape. The general rule is the rounder your face the more angular your frame should be and the more angular your face shape, the rounder your frame should be.

You can work this out yourself by looking in the mirror and using a lipstick draw the shape of your face onto the mirror: you will either have a round, square, oval, rectangle, heart shaped, diamond, oblong face shape. Alternatively, Carmel or one of the team will help you decide your face shape.


Round face – rectangular frames or angular frames will suit you best, avoid round shaped frames
Square face-softer rounder shaped frames will suit you, avoid narrow boxy frames

Oval Face- any frame shape suits

Rectangle face- try curvy or oval frames. Try wider shapes

Heart shaped face- rimless, finer metal frames work best with this face shape. Avoid over embellished styles or heavy styles, they may overwhelm your face shape.

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Diamond face- cat eyed and oval shapes, upswept shapes will emphasise your cheekbones .Avoid boxy straight topped frames as they may emphasise the width of your face

Oblong- try oversized shapes tending towards wide shapes, try rounder and deeper frame shapes, avoid narrow and shallow shapes, avoid rectangle shapes

Ultimately the frame shape you pick is your choice but we can guide you to the most flattering frame so that you look great in your new glasses.

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