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Carmel is at the heart of the practice here at C Murray Optician, Belfast BT15. Having completed her initial optometry degree in London, she then built up extensive experience working in London before returning to Belfast. She worked for a number of years, primarily in North Belfast before establishing her own independent practice at 13 Antrim Road.
Kind and caring, yet professional to her very fingertips, Carmel is very sure when she talks about her standards of patient care.
“ With us, the individual patient is at the core of everything we do. From the moment of first contact, through examination and aftercare, they come first. We want them to truly feel part of the growing family of C Murray Optician, Belfast BT15.”

Carmel’s patients are very happy to sing her praises:
‘I first came to Carmel when I was about four years old. I like coming to Carmel as she is really, really kind. She has lots of frames to choose from’ Sean, age 10, Belfast
‘I first realised I needed glasses when I could not read the hymn sheet at the school carol service. I came here to Carmel, she got me sorted out. I really like coming to Carmel, she is very kind…..I decided to get contact lenses and again Carmel showed me how to use them and I am very happy with the lenses. Carmel is really great, very kind and very funny too’ Megan, age 17, Belfast.
‘I would definitely recommend Carmel to anyone, I came here, I was seen on time, there was no waiting around, I got my glasses and Carmel said” If you have any problems with them, drop in anytime’ Michael , 60+, Belfast
Alongside her commitment to the very highest standards in patient care, Carmel has continually refreshed her professional knowledge and is currently undertaking a Masters in Clinical Optometry at City University London part time.
Among her many interests, Carmel has developed specific expertise in the management of dyslexia using colorimetry – precisely tinted lenses which have been shown to bring marked improvements in literacy.

One of Carmel’s success stories in managing dyslexia can be viewed here:

A genuine ‘people’ person, Carmel enjoys cooking for and entertaining friends and family and lists playing the harp as her favourite method of relaxation.

Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons


I joined the world of optics straight from school and years later, I love it more than ever. I really enjoy meeting different people and this job allows me to make new friends every day.
I still get a thrill helping patients to choose the glasses which suit them best. I love the fact that advances in contact lens technology allows practically everyone to wear them nowadays. In the practice, we aim to make each and every person feel special from the moment they make their appointment.
Life in the world of optics is never routine. It has its unusual moments too, like the day I took a call from a patient who reported that his glasses ‘had blown away’ and they had! It was not a prank call. It is the people who make my job endlessly fascinating.
When I am not in the practice, I like to get creative turning my hand to making wedding headpieces, one-off jewellery items and knitted garments for others – all part of helping people to look their best. I think making people feel special is part of my DNA.

Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons


I haven’t looked back since I joined the practice and genuinely look forward to coming to work. What’s so good about it? I think it is belonging – we get on so well it feels like family but so far with no black sheep! I get a real buzz from accuracy so the precise attention to detail at the heart of optics just appeals to me.
As a Belfast girl born and bred, I love the people here and enjoy helping all our patients, young and old. Patients are treated more like friends. We believe in giving everyone the individual time and attention they need to set their mind at rest and help them choose frames which suit their appearance and budget. People, particularly children, can be genuinely amazed at the change glasses make and it is always pretty special to see that.
Outside of work ?
My main focus is my family and I happily look after them, probably spoiling them!

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